There's nothing like a good podcast to keep your mind engaged while your hands are busy making product or packing orders. And there's nothing like word of mouth for the best podcast tips. With that in mind, we've rounded up some favourite podcasts as recommended by members we've featured. Add your own suggestions in the comments!

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1. Welcome to Your Fantasy

“I’m obsessed with podcasts,” says Kristy Woudstra of Gezellig Studio. “Sometimes I think I started sewing just so I’d have an excuse to listen to more podcasts! I love the classics (This American Life, The Moth, 99% Invisible, Criminal, Radiolab) but a new one that I’m enjoying is Welcome to Your Fantasy. It’s about the Chippendales (I’m an ’80s kid) and I’m learning so much about their history — there’s even a Canadian connection. Sex, drugs, murder and fascinating commentary about gender politics... what’s not to love?!?!?”

2. Goal Digger

“I recently discovered a podcast by Jenna Kutcher called Goal Digger,” says Vanessa Lamarche of Boreal Blues. “I love how she teaches the basics all the way up to more complicated things related to business. It’s not only about business, it’s also about life, and trying to have a good work-life balance.”

And Vanessa's not the only Goal Digger fan around. “I’ve listened to it for almost a year now,” says Karin Edhlund of Förtrollad. “It’s amazing. It’s so inspirational when I’m sitting and working to listen to the host talk about entrepreneurship and life.”

3. The Social Focus

“I’m on a full-on media diet at the moment,” says Kate Civiero of Infinite Glassworks. “I am an all-or-nothing girl 100 percent, and I cannot watch TV or movies or read books or anything at the moment because I get too invested. But I have been listening to more podcasts lately. One is The Social Focus, which is about growing your business through Instagram. I love random topics, weird knowledge, and then specifically things to help my business grow.”

4. Normal Gossip

“The podcast Normal Gossip is fantastic,” says Vikki Wiercinski of Mezzaluna Studio. “It’s been keeping me company in the studio recently. It’s all gossip about people you will never meet, just funny, strange situations people wind up in. They’re narrated really well and they talk about the role of gossip in North American society, like: Is gossip a whisper network? Is it always rude to gossip? What’s the function of gossip? I find it really interesting. I can’t stop listening to it.”

What podcasts do you love and recommend? Share them in the comments!