Our mission is to craft a fun, useful and inspiring community for maker businesses in Canada. Our goal is for members to use this space to share ideas, offer support and find inspiration, to help each other’s businesses thrive.

To this end, we ask all members to adhere to the following guidelines when commenting. Note that Workshop staff retain the right to moderate and remove comments should we consider it necessary.

Please contact us should you feel other commenters are violating community policies, or if you need clarification on any guidelines.

1. Be respectful and professional

Use the same kind of language you would use in person, in public, with business associates. Discussions and diverse opinions are welcome; arguments, profanity and personal attacks are not. If you disagree with another member and want to share your thoughts, do so in a manner that offers evidence and/or experience to back up your claims.

Do not share personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses, either your own or belonging to others.

Racist, sexist and other discriminatory language in any form will not be tolerated.

2. Be relevant and helpful

Stay on topic when commenting, and offer tips and advice that will be helpful to other members and add to the discussion. On-topic questions are welcome.

Do not post sales-related content. This includes everything from spam links to comments and links promoting your business and products. Links to your business website may be permitted should they be helpful in illustrating a point that is useful to other members. Contact us if you are unsure.

3. Be honest and open

For privacy reasons, Workshop allows members to comment under a first name or pseudonym. That said, we require commenters to be upfront about any affiliations when posting tips and advice, and especially links. Disclose all business and personal relationships. (For instance, “I think this business does a really good job with their Instagram account. Disclosure: the business owner is my sister.”)

Do not impersonate other individuals.

We expect that all posts be original opinions and words from members, unless otherwise indicated, and that comments do not violate copyright law. If you are sharing a quote or tip you received from elsewhere, mention the source.

Workshop: A work in progress

As Workshop grows, we will add more interactive features to the website, as well as member networking opportunities, webinars, Q&As and more. Do you have suggestions for community tools that would be useful to you, or other ways we can make Workshop better? Please let us know!