Workshop is your network.

We're your trusted adviser, the smart friend you bounce ideas off, your essential resource and your source of inspiration.

We gather creative entrepreneurs across Canada to collaborate, share and learn from one another, to build each other up and to help all small maker businesses thrive.

We're a business magazine, but we're not just about making money. We believe in work-life balance, creative fulfilment and the strength of community.

Why become a Workshop member?

Workshop publishes articles, but we're more than that. Our goal is to facilitate a community of members who can interact and collaborate and make each other better.

We're a small business ourselves, and we rely on membership income to fund the work we do: writing how-to guides and business profiles, and creating new ways for members to interact, learn and grow.

Joining the Workshop community is an investment in your business. We offer encouragement, mentorship, motivation and advice to help you thrive.

Current membership benefits include:

• Access to our full library of articles on everything from social media strategy to eco-friendly shipping materials, plus profiles and roundups of other maker businesses to give you inspiration and ideas.

Submit questions to our panel of experts, to be answered in upcoming articles. This is your chance to get tips on your legal, accounting, design and technical questions, tailored to you.

• Free access to webinars and online training sessions (and the chance to suggest topics and experts).

• A bi-weekly e-newsletter with all the latest community updates and need-to-know news.

• The chance to help shape how Workshop evolves by suggesting topics for our articles and webinars, new features and other ideas.

• Early access to future membership benefits like online courses, ebooks, videos, podcasts and print magazines.