We all know Canada is big. But it really hits you when you cross it on the ground, like Kat has done this summer and fall, with back-to-back road trips from Toronto to B.C. and then eastward to Nova Scotia to visit friends and family and see sights along the way. (A few recommendations beyond the Rockies, which are obvious: Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, and dinner and drinks at One Sixteen in Winnipeg and Field Guide in Halifax.)

Of course, she couldn't visit so much of Canada without checking out local crafts and makers, including the excellent shop The Trainyard, which we profiled last year — see the link below. And it really brought home how challenging it can be for artisans across the country to connect with each other. There are so many similarities, shared challenges and things to learn — if we could only get people in the same room.

Luckily, we've set up a virtual room. Our next members-only Show & Tell event is on October 13 and we hope you'll join us, if only to hear about the cool cross-promotion opportunity one Toronto candlemaker has made part of her business, or how a beadworker in Winnipeg uses Instagram raffles. We're also planning our next few webinars — keep your eyes peeled for updates. And in the meantime, enjoy the long weekend.

Yours in making,

Co-founders Corinna vanGerwen and Kat Tancock

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