You’re doing IT ALL and it’s hard to keep up. Do you just need to work harder, or is there a better way?

In this Zoom session, small business coach Kim Cota of Beautiful Thinkers will share her expertise on how to streamline your structure and processes so that you’re not disappearing into your business. The session will cover:

• How your values can inform your decision-making and workload to ensure you don't get trapped in execution that often leads to overwork.

• The power of knowing how you spend your time and why focusing on priorities over to-do lists allows you to actually get more of the right things done.

• How to ensure that your strategies and tactics align with your values and priorities so you can do your most impactful work and get the right help when it's time.

You’ll come away energized and ready for smoother small business sailing.

Event date: Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Time: 11:30 pm – 12:30 pm PT/2:30 pm – 3:30 pm ET
Location: Virtual; registered attendees will receive a Zoom link to join
Admission: $15; free for paid members

About the speaker

Kim Cota is a small business strategist for creative entrepreneurs who are ready for clarity, structure and ease in their businesses.

At work, Kim is a thoughtful, values-based strategist who focuses on helping you make things happen in your business in a way that feels sustainable and intentional.

She does that through a combination of coaching, planning and streamlining your business strategies in a way that makes sense for you. She works primarily with creative humans who thrive on flexibility but need a titch more structure.

At home, Kim is a dog-parent, step-mom and wife living in Toronto. She’s a powerlifter, a pineapple-on-pizza lover and a reading fanatic. Leaning in to her ADHD superpowers, she listens to audiobooks at 1.75 speed and is a serial maker who always has a creative project on the go.