We knew we'd want to do less work in the summer. There are beaches to visit, bike rides and road trips to go on, and ice cream to eat. So we planned on taking a break from hosting events for August.

But during our editorial planning call last week, we realized it wasn't quite enough. Kat is travelling across the provinces from B.C. to Ontario, and Corinna is heading out for a camping trip next week. As much as we love writing for you, dear members, there are Important Summertime Adventures that are keeping us away from our computers.

So we're going to lean in to the summer feeling and slow down even more. We'll pop into your inbox only once for August, then return to our regular schedule in September, of sending the Workshop newsletter twice a month.

For now, we're sharing Samantha Schumyn's advice on working with a virtual assistant — it's one way to get more done or, say, allow you to take some time off. And we're resharing our gift guide of books for creatives; while we wrote it for holiday giving, we think it also makes for a good summer reading list.

We hope you, too, will embrace the summer feeling and — in between any craft shows you may be doing — are able to take things a little bit easier this month.

Yours in making,

Co-founders Corinna vanGerwen and Kat Tancock

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