Help us out with a couple of things? Bonus: this will help you too.

First up, an event question. We have a small business law expert lined up to do a webinar in the new year, and we have two possible formats in mind:

  1. A Q&A (with member questions sent in advance)
  2. A straight training session on a particular legal topic

We'd really prefer to do the Q&A, but that requires having a few questions submitted in advance — no one wants off-the-cuff legal advice! So, do you have any legal questions to do with your small business? Please answer our survey below to let us know which event format you prefer and submit a question if you have one.

Second, for a bit more fun, we are working on a Workshop gift guide featuring members' products and suggestions. We'd love to make this as robust as possible (and hey, it will be good for your backlinks — see our story on that below). You can either send us one of your own products if you have them, or a product by another maker in Canada if you don't have something of your own to submit.

Please fill out the form linked below (it's short, we promise) by Wednesday Nov. 23rd to be included. We're so excited to see everything you submit!

Yours in making,

Co-founders Corinna vanGerwen and Kat Tancock

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