Have you ever looked at your to-do list and wondered where in the world you should even start?

Or had a really productive day and knocked off a bunch of important items, only to have your heart sink when you see the list grow back the next morning?

If the answer is yes, congratulations! You're totally normal. It's super common for entrepreneurs — and anyone, really — to have more ideas than time. (And the alternative sounds kind of boring, doesn't it?)

But (there's always a but) the question remains: which of those to-dos do you focus on, and which do you ignore? Is it possible to just work harder to get it all done?

This is a question of business strategy, and it's where our next event comes in. On July 26, business strategist and coach Kim Cota will be leading our next virtual event: how to streamline your business so you can get the important things done without getting overwhelmed and letting your work take over your life.

It's a session we're really looking forward to ourselves, because if you look at our to-do lists in Asana (our task management tool of choice), they are definitely more aspirational than realistic.

That said, excuse us while we go check "write newsletter" off the list!

Yours in making,

Co-founders Corinna vanGerwen and Kat Tancock

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