We've been having trouble getting this newsletter out this week. Russia's attack on Ukraine has captured all our attention, and our willpower isn't quite up to pulling ourselves away from the news to focus on our business. (If you're looking for ways to help, the Globe and Mail offers some ideas here — Kat has made a donation to the Kyiv Independent — and this Google Doc from trusted sources is also thorough.)

That's the thing about being an entrepreneur. You can't truly separate yourself from the rest of your life. You are a whole person with business and life intricately intertwined. It's one of the themes that came up in our recent meetup, when one Workshop member ruminated on how to run a business from home while caring for a toddler during a pandemic. Not an easy feat. We say, when it all feels a little overwhelming, that's when you do what you can when you can. And take a break when you need it.

We had so much fun meeting our members during that event — it truly made our hearts full. Which is why we're very excited to announce our next event coming up on March 10th. We'll be hosting a live Q&A session with bookkeeper Jayne Dykstra, who will be answering all your questions about taxes. Come join us!

Yours in making,

Co-founders Corinna vanGerwen and Kat Tancock
purple image with text: Taxes for craft businesses with bookkeeper Jayne Dykstra, March 10, 3 pm EST

Live Q&A: Taxes for Craft Businesses

Got questions about your tax return and how income tax and GST/HST work for small businesses? Join us for our next meetup with bookkeeper Jayne Dykstra. And bring your questions!

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